DEMOS (English)

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Cinética Inerte is a new digital distribution label. We are always open to incorporate new music, whether you are a recognized artist or new talent. We are equal here. Only we have few requirements:

  • Only TECHNO.
  • Send 2 full tracks minimum.
  • Wav format.
  • Only Soundcloud private links.
  • You make sure your tracks fit into the style that this label wants to convey. You can hear the music of this web to have an idea.

Send your demos to:


‘Cinética Inerte’ bet for quality Techno. Giving priority those sets who transmite the style of this label. Some requirements:

  • Duration 60 minutes.
  • WAV format.
  • Soundcloud private link or
  • Biography, official photo and Social Network links.

Send your session to:

All music that we received should be heard and validated. If its in harmony with the Techno that we enact, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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