CIL005 | Breathless EP

CIL005 | BiLY | Breathless EP

Incl. Remixes by: The Effaith, Casual Treatment

“The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.” Albert Camus (1913).

This EP contains two original tracks written and produced by BiLY and their remixes produced by the artists The Effaith and Casual Treatment.»

«El absurdo surge de la confrontación entre la búsqueda del ser humano y el  silencio irracional del mundo.» Albert Camus (1913).

Este EP contiene tres pistas originales escritas y producidas por BiLY  y sus remixes producidos por los artistas The Effaith y Casual Treatment.»

Cat. Nº: CIL005 / EP  |  Title: Breathless  |  Format: Digital   |  Genre: Techno  |  Artist: BiLY

Remixes: The Effaith | Casual Treatment

Release Date: 17/12/18

BiLY – Breathless (Original Mix)
BiLY – Breathless (The Effaith Remix)
BiLY – Out Of Control (Original Mix)
BiLY – Out Of Control (Casual Treatment Remix)


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