This week we are happy to share with you the Podcast #45 of our series. This time we have a massive Set for the first female Dj of this season, the Russian artist Overload. She is an outspoken defender, digger and promoter of quality music. Being younger she showed great interest in electronic music. Young lady is tend to crude tune of techno music a la old English and German school in modern interpretation, perfect soundtrack up to factories and dusty backstreets of Techno-Clubs.


Esta semana nos complace compartir el Podcast #45 de nuestra serie. Esta vez tenemos un enorme Set de la primera Dj femenina de esta temporada, la artista rusa Overload. Defensora abierta, cavadora y promotora de música de calidad. Siendo más joven, mostró gran interés en la música electrónica. Siendo jovencita tiende a escuchar música clásica de la vieja escuela inglesa y alemana en interpretación moderna, banda sonora perfecta de clubes Techno de fábricas y callejuelas polvorientas.

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Thursday  23TH November

16:00 – 17:00 (Spain) | 15:00 – 16:00 (UK)